Baby boys tracksuit in dark blue orange printed

  • Tracksuit with baby boy.
  • Jacket with hood,
  • ribbed cuffs and hems.
  • Plain pants elastic waist
  • 58% cotton 42% polyester fleece

 800.00  1,849.00

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Size Guide
  • BOYS 2-14 Years
  • GIRLS 2-14 Years
  • BOYS 0-36 Months
  • GIRLS 0-36 Months


All the measurements are in CENTIMETERS.
1/2 Chest34 cm35 cm36 cm37 cm38 cm42 cm45 cm47 cm
Sleeve length31.5 cm34 cm36.5 cm39 cm43 cm48 cm52.5 cm57.5 cm
Total Length40 cm42 cm45 cm48 cm51 cm 55 cm59.5 cm63.5 cm
Waist Width48 cm50 cm52 cm54 cm58 cm64 cm68 cm72 cm
Waist Extended56 cm60 cm64 cm68 cm72 cm80 cm84 cm88 cm
Total Side Length52 cm57 cm62 cm67 cm77 cm82 cm87 cm92 cm

Girls Size Guide

All the measurements are in CENTIMETERS...
Size (Years):2-33-44-55-67-89-1011-1213-14
1/2 Chest Width32 cm33 cm34 cm35 cm37 cm39 cm41 cm43 cm
Sleeve length32 cm34 cm36 cm39 cm44 cm48 cm53 cm56 cm
Full Length38 cm40 cm42 cm44 cm48 cm52 cm54cm56 cm
Waist Width43 cm46 cm49 cm52 cm58 cm61 cm64 cm71 cm
Waist Extended51 cm55 cm58 cm62 cm70 cm74 cm78 cm82 cm
Total Side Length53 cm56.5 cm60 cm68 cm77 cm81.5 cm86 cm90.5 cm

Baby boys Size Guide

All the measurements are in centimeters (CM)
Size: (Months)0-33-66-99-1212-1818-2424-36
1/2 Chest Width26 cm27 cm28 cm29 cm30 cm31 cm32 cm
Sleeve Length22 cm24 cm26 cm28 cm30 cm32 cm33 cm
Full Length28 cm30 cm32 cm34 cm36 cm38 cm40 cm
Waist Width40 cm41 cm42 cm43 cm44 cm45 cm46 cm
Waist Extended46 cm48 cm50 cm52 cm54 cm56 cm58 cm
Total Side Length34 cm36 cm40 cm43.3 cm47 cm50.7 cm54.4 cm

Baby Girls Size Guide

All the measurements are in centimeters (CM)
Size: (Months)0-33-66-99-1212-1818-2424-36
1/2 Bust24 cm25 cm26 cm27 cm28 cm29 cm30 cm
Sleeve Length
Full Length42 cm44 cm46 cm48 cm50 cm52 cm54 cm
Waist Width34 cm36 cm38 cm40 cm42 cm44 cm46 cm
Waist Extended48 cm52 cm54 cm56 cm58 cm60 cm62 cm
Total Side Length

Tracksuit for baby boy in dark blue and orange tones. With carded interior and ribbed edges for comfort. Allover printed jacket, ribbed cuff and hem concealed zip and hood with contrast lining. Elastic waist pants..